Welcome to my site.

So you want to know a bit more about me? Well you could always download my resume, but it’s pretty out of date.

I first got paid for my web development skills as an intern in 2000. So I feel entitled to say that I am a professional web developer. I have done alot of work in WordPress as well as frontend development, coldfusion, php, web metrics, search engine marketing and miscellaneous frameworks / cms. I enjoy learning more about new technologies – such as new languages and platforms.

Actually, I am a big fan of learning something new everyday.  I listen NPR & Podcasts daily and read novels until I fall asleep.  I often enroll in online classes too. I usually attend few conferences a year.  Usually a vendor event and either WordCamp or An event Apart.  I almost earned my MIS, (I was one econ and capstone course away) but life happened, and now I am a MOM instead.  I used to  be active in various meet ups, however the responsibilities of parenthood have made it difficult for me to attend meeting after a full day of work.   Luckily, my employer Harvard has several similar groups that meet during office hours – it’s awesome.

I also enjoy social media. I have several personal accounts, some I use socially and some I created just to try out the service. I am surprised how little progress there has been made on meaningful metrics.  It reminds me of the work I did on SEO in the 2000’s.

Over all I like what I do. If I won the lottery tomorrow – Ok I can’t imagine winning the lottery. But if i was suddenly in a position where I didn’t have to worry about earning a living. I would still want to work with internet technologies.

About my site

I have to confess it is in a constant state of flux and has been since I originally built it many many moons ago (ok earth cycles around the sun). Sometimes it will function better then other times. Current Site Events

  • Trying to increase site speed, as a result I am experimenting with different themes and caching plug-ins

Site Navigation

I am currently using custom menus to define my main site navigation and I have been playing with labels. Here is an explanation of  the labels

  • About – my homepage, which you are reading right now!
  • Resume – A copy of my most recent* resume can be found there. (its is several years out of date)
  • Sue’s Notes- This is actually a blog I maintain – where I keep my notes and work in progress (really a collection of code snippets).   I know it makes more sense to combine that content here.  Don’t you press me with your logic!
  • Monkey Bread –  “Monkey Bread & Spider cookies” I intended it as a mommy blog, but you know what I am not an expert in parenting.  So it pretty much a notes space for family stuff – it is updated rarely